DosiFace - Archive

DosiFace - Archive


Genetics: Dosidos #22 F1 x Face Off OG bx1

Sex: Regular

Height: Tall

Flowering Time: 75 Days

Seed Bank: Archive Seeds

Yield: Above Average

THC Level: 25-29% THC

Type: Sativa Dominant

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The intensely flavorful, dark purple, grape incensed, Dosidos #22 is paired with the Face Off line to bring the potency back to it’s highest levels while retaining the super unique flavor from the Dosidos.  Expect very tall viney plants that produce nice spear shaped top colas with a good Calyx to Leaf ratio. Once selected to clones these plant veg very fast and can be flipped early for very nice Sea Of Green.  Chunky buds all the way up the plant and very healthy hybrid vigor throughout the line. A sure fire winner for the dosidos lover looking for a little more thump from the Face OFF line.