Fisheye OG - Mass Medical Strains

Fisheye OG - Mass Medical Strains

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Lineage: Star Pupil x Salmon River OG

Contents: 12 regular novelty seeds

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This is a creation for the patients who require a heavy indica strain. It is designed for pain relief, deep rest and relaxation. Our famous Star Pupil mom has been paired with Dynasty Genetics' stabilized Salmon River OG, which is a quick flowering, super narcotic and delicious sweet OG flavor that cures to a very fine, luxurious aroma. The Fisheye OG has some of Star Pupil's unique purple color and flavor mixed in with strong branching and massive leaf structure, and intense frost coverage and density that she adds to all her crosses. This indica dominant Pupil cross is heavier in Myrcene, great for pain and inflammation, and a heavy couch-lock effect. 7-8 weeks bloom, short stocky plants with dense flowers.Flavor: Sweet luscious OG, heavy Pupil undertones with slight candy grape background.

Effect: Sleep, pain relief, deep relaxation.

Flower Time: 7-8 weeks

Yield: Medium

Height: Short