Guava Jelly Kookiez - D.W.O

Guava Jelly Kookiez - D.W.O


Lineage: {StarDawg Guava x HP13 NYC} x GSC

Contents: 5 reversed s1 feminized seeds

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We took our selection of jj's guava 13 mom and hit her with the reverse pollen of our specially selected riot gsc s1 (og dom). . What came out of this cross had been nothing short of amazement. There are great pheno's to choose from and the tastes , smells colors , yields have all been more than satisfactory . The guava 13 mom was a medium experience plant to grow perfect so this cross using her as the mom can be occasionally sensitive to certain stressors as it had passed on into certain guava 13 leaning pheno's in the f1 gen. This is another one to keep an eye out for your keepers and give em all lower Nutes and lower stress than the normal ppm's and stressors and they will fly perfectly .. There Are some amazing keepers in these ,, we currently are keeping three phenos for us and our patients because they all bring something a bit different to the table. Growers are bound to find their favorites in these packs for sure. We always have.