Lamb's Pupil - Mass Medical Strains

Lamb's Pupil - Mass Medical Strains

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Lineage: Lamb’s Pupil (Star Pupil x Lambsbread Jamaican Landrace )

Contents: 12 regular novelty seeds

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Lamb’s Pupil brings together two legendary plants. Our Star Pupil breeding mother meets the rare Jamaican Landrace known as Lambs Bread or Lamb’s Breath, which comes from seeds preserved by Dman from the mid 1990’s, straight from Jamaica. The resulting cross maintains the best qualities of both parents. A unique spicy, sometimes nearly plastic flavor, and sweet candy smelling buds. An uplifting, sativa influenced high, with fairly dense and very frosty flowers. Medicinal effects include stress relief, pain relief, motivation, uplifted mood and more. The two main phenotypes you will find are a dark purple pheno and a green pheno with purple streaks throughout the flowers. Plants finish flowering in about 8-10 weeks depending on environment and phenotype, with the greener Lamb’s plants going slightly longer than the deep purple, Pupil dominant.