Platinum Banana Dawgz - D.W.O

Platinum Banana Dawgz - D.W.O


Lineage: ( platinum banana OG s1 x mass chem reversed )

Filial Generation: F1

Sex: reversed S1 fems

Flowering time: 67+ days

# of seeds per pack: 5

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This cross caught us by surprise at how great it's been in our test runs . We used our own specially selected / stress tested phenotype from riot seeds platinum banana Og that was very fruity with dom Og structure, flavor, and effect.We decided by chance to hit this mother plant up with our proven 28% thc tested Massachusetts chemdog "91" sativa dog pheno's reverse pollen and the offspring have kicked both parent plants up ten fold in the parent leaning phenotypes. The tooth decay retched rotten meaty pure dog terpenes mended with the banana Og terpenes in such an odd way that it had become addicting and a house favorite during the tests runs.Moth ball banana chemmy menthol sour rotten fruit are just a few of the smells and tastes that will emerge from these f1 fem seeds. It varies from each phenotype as well as how long or short they are flowered for.These can take normal stress and Nutes fairly well with giving them a higher nitro , calmag diet up to week 4-5 to prevent fade in later flower. Thanks to the mass chem ..These are a very good all day smoke and have good medicinal benefits depending on the aliment . The high potency resin from these are great for making concentrates and will tweak some inexperienced smokers out if consumed to high of a quantity.Instant hot flash and palm sweat directly after an exhale of this plants concentrates as well Some plants can have the look of sugar on top of sugar reeking of that chemmy sour fruity funk These are limited and will not be remade .- limited release breeders stash originals. very rare!