Prayer Glue - Mass Medical Strains

Prayer Glue - Mass Medical Strains

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Lineage: GG4 x Prayer Tower Sativa

Contents: 12 regular novelty seeds

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Prayer Glue is a very special plant. In our experiences with both the original GG4 clone, and Bodhi's Prayer Tower Sativa strain, the plants spoke to us as a match made in heaven. A beautiful bud structure, incredible amounts of gooey resin on a high yielding plant, with a potent, flavorful smoke that can satisfy the needs of almost anyone. The flavors are a special match as they complement each other very nicely, and add to each other. The nose is complex and hard to describe, with earthy, sharp sour, and background creamy notes. The plant's branching is stronger than the original GG4 clone, making it easier to support the dense, thick buds. Major amounts of trichome coverage even on the leaf stems, great for extractions and a premium flower. Very limited quantities available.Flavor: Glue, Gas, Sour, Earthy, CreamyEffect: Powerful high, like a more sativa dominant glue.Flower Time: 9 weeksYield: HeavyHeight: Medium and Tall phenotypes