Pupil Magoo F1 - Mass Medical Strains

Pupil Magoo F1 - Mass Medical Strains

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Lineage: Star Pupil x Blue Magoo Bx2

Contents: 12 regular novelty seeds

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Our newest indica addition to the lineup, and most medicinal strain, Pupil Magoo is a very special indica dominant Pupil cross. This strain is relaxing, yet more functional than our Fisheye OG which is the most heavy indica Pupil in comparison. The Pupil Magoo is an excellent mood stabilizer, functional relaxation with a good effect. Stimulates appetite and gently promotes restful sleep at the end of the evening, but generally allows for functionality all day long. One of our most medicinal varieties. Great results have been reported from patients with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Two main phenotypes exist, and most plants will become colorful by the end of flower. There is a bright sharp, sour green apple berry smelling pheno, and a pupil funk pheno which is a bit more myrcene dominant with a thick, pungent aroma. Plants are somewhat tall although totally manageable for indoors, a simple topping or fimming in veg is recommended. Regular and Feminized, limited edition.Flavor: Blueberry pupil type with sharp, almost haze-like background notes of sour apple to pupil heavy funk.Effect: Relaxing, happy, munchies, mood stabilizer, equilibrium.

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Veg Time: Medium

Yield: Medium+

Height: Medium-Tall Regulars. Feminized version have more short, compact phenos.

22.8% Thc, Trace amounts of CBD and 1% CBG.