Tangalien - D.W.O

Tangalien - D.W.O


Lineage: Tangie f2 x Lemon Alien f4 bx1

Contents: 10 regular novelty seeds

Last packs ever!

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For this creation , we made some f2's from some amazing parents of dna's tangie , then selected the best female as our mom for this cross. ... The male selection came from some pollen we had previously collected from a stinker frosty stud from Laplata labs lemon alien f4 bx1 .

The off spring in these f1 gen seeds have a lower flowering time than the tangie alone. The onset of flowering is a lot quicker as well . Soon after onset The. candy lemon tangerine soda terpenes start to emerge from her resin that is already covering her small blossoming clusters which continues into the leaf stems and eventually the fan leaves. These genetics are made for resin production for sure. The resin is of the oily type and will create the most amazing tasting concentrates with yields to match. .The guys at DNA and Laplata labs did a great job on these two different parent strains and it is easy to see how the finished flowers and concentrates are so well liked from them both alone. Put them together and you have resinated medicinal madness.

There are a few phenotypes which all smell , taste , and look similar.

There's even the occasional alien bubba lesning pheno in there with structure of the alien bubba/ with the citrus lemon orange soda smell and taste m it's truly remarkable. . Keep an eye out for your keepers in these , there's something for everyone here and we will be working these further toward our favorite pheno's . They can take lite stress ok and will ride smooth with a lower -normal ppm .. Good structure for topping into a bush or single cola style. . We hadn't tested these outdoors yet but should do fine ...The Rez content and density should heed the warning of potential rot or mildew at the end of flower There will be some early finishers as 7 weeks but it's pheno dependent so check resin and keep an eye on the prize those last few weeks . These are a limited early generation release .